The many faces of Kiera…

We had a great time shooting Kiera on location at Lavish night club. She brought both sass and smiles to her session, some of which you can see below.


Name: Keira


Age: 25


Hometown: Boston, MA


Occupation: Piercing apprentice



What does ‘dyke’ look like to you?
I’m the lovechild of Janis Joplin and Coco Chanel. I don’t fit into other people’s pigeonholes and I will bite and scratch my way out of them if need be.

Being high femme means my makeup is often warpaint; looking stereotypically straight can be dangerous.

Dyke is a frilly apron and combats boots on Monday, a little black dress and gravity-defying heels on Tuesday,

and my ex’s comfiest pair of sweatpants on Wednesday. Dyke looks like the intense eye-contact between two women seeing each

other for the first time and recognizing a mutual attraction. It’s a sense of freedom because I am choosing to break out of

the picket fenced box society wants to put me in, though being an anomaly can be quite lonely. Dyke to me, is me.


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