Jenny & Natalie..


Name: Jenny
Age: 26
City Currently Living In: London
Occupation: PhD Student and part-time University Instructor





Name: Natalie
Age: 29
City Currently Living In: London
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Registered Massage Therapist, and soon to be Medical
Sciences Undergrad Student



What does “dyke” look like to you?

We’ve debated this topic with one another for quite some time and we’ve agreed that
Natalie fits the ideal of what a ‘dyke’ looks like while I typically don’t.

She’s got short dark funky looking hair with coloured patches, wears edgy clothes, is very muscular
and has “way too many holes in her head” according to my mother.

Unlike her, I generally fit into mainstream ideals of feminine beauty with my long blonde hair, pale
skin, adoration for pink, girly style and an unwavering love for makeup.

Because of my appearance, I’ve had to work much harder than her to be accepted among the queer
and feminist communities despite the fact that I have a masters in Women’s Studies
and have been involved in queer and women’s rights politics for the past eight years.

So, what does it mean to be a dyke?

I think it means something beyond one’s physical appearance and that being a dyke is a political

statement against mainstream ideals of how women should be have, what they should look like,

and whom they should love.

It’s my rejection of patriarchy and heternormative ideals of what my romantic relationship
should look like and how we distribute the power between us.

Not only is it a political statement, but it’s also a political identity that we adorn when we step outside our home
holding hands reminding the world that patriarchy and heteronormative beliefs have no
business in our relationship.

Being a dyke means having some semblance of freedom in a world hung up on silly and arbitrary roles and norms.

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