An amazing weekend of women and film…

london lesbian film festIf you happen to have some free time this weekend and are in the South Western Ontario area, check out the London Lesbian Film Festival.

I’ll be there with the What Dyke Looks Like project, mingling handing out cards and maybe even shooting a portrait or two (Bitch & Ferron, you’re my dream portrait session, if you’re reading this call me!)

Here’s what the fest is about from their site:

The London Lesbian Film Festival is a celebratory gathering at which we project our images, challenge our politics, and reflect upon our lives. The festival aims to portray the richness and diversity of lesbian experiences and to strengthen our communities.

The Festival is held every year in London, Ontario, Canada. There are usually 3 days of films, and each screening lasts 2-3 hours.The London Lesbian Film festival is organized every year by the Reeling Spinsters.

Anyone who identifies as female is welcome to attend all film screenings and all festival events. The Sunday film screening is open to all.

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