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I’ve spent much of the last year photographing gay, lesbian, bi, queer, etc identified women in a portrait project called “What Dyke Looks Like” the emphasis of the series it to showcase the diversity of a community that many people see only through their television screen.

The photographic style is as broad in range as the women; from candid images of a lesbian family having breakfast at the kitchen table, to high fashion femmes, to BDSM.

The last 12 months due to the constraints of the project being completely self funded,have kept WDLL shoots mostly to South Western Ontario.

But no more!

I’ve started a campaign on the popular crowd funding site indiegogo to raise funds to power the project forward into other cities and countries! A trip to the States is planned for the fall as well as an overseas venture next winter to photography WDLL women in the developing world.


What you can do:

Contribute financially- There are fun perks that every contribution gets (prints, etc)

Spread the word about the project: Email friends and like minded colleagues, tweet about it, share it on facebook “like” it on facebook or the indiegogo site. (This also helps spread word about the project in general!

Join the campaign team!

The more people involved, the more people we can reach through each of our personal networks!

Research shows that fundraising campaigns with multiple team members involved raise 8x more funds.

Bob Geldof started the first Live Aid just through his personal network alone. Email Me and I’ll send you a campaign invite and give you a neat little title to go with it.

The Campaign is only on for the next 60 days and my goal is to raise $10,000 (gas is $1,27 a litre eh?)

Let’s get on it!





























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