We were there: Toronto Pride 2013 Butch Femme Salon

The WDLL project was lucky enough to partner with the organizers of Butch Femme Salon for this year’s Toronto Gay pride week event. You may recognize one of the organizers- Titus Androgynous from the What Dyke Looks Like facebook post “The many faces of Titus” and Belle Jumelle from her Burlesque performances around town. Her photo shoot is also in the works. And I’ve got one word for it: Nipple Tassles. It’s a compound word.

I’ve been to several queer women focussed events in the past, but this one takes the cake in terms of effort, organization, decor and general badassery.

I put up a mini gallery of portraits and ran a photo booth (pics to come soon,) there was hair stylists on site, dj’s, drag, burlesque and musical performances and CANDY!

Also it was billed as “Leave it to Beaver- a 1950’s themed party”

Here are a few shots I took just to give you a feel for the evening. Photo booth shots will be up in a few days. A few of these photos might be a bit soft due to being shot in low light on an iphone. The other cameras were busy. 🙂

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