A day with Sabina at Coney Island..

Sabina was willing to brave the January weather in nothing but a leather skirt (and less than that at some points) for our What Dyke Looks Like shoot. She does a burlesque piece that deals with harassment in public, the male gaze and the assumption that based on how she looks she’s weak or an easy target.

At the end of the piece Sabina reveals the contents of the suitcase she’s brought with her: several men’s severed limbs. This kitten has claws.

In her own words:

Age: 23

Living in: Brooklyn, NY


dancer, bruja, and burlesque artist on the path to becoming a writer and healer too. But I make money answering phones…

What Does Dyke Look Like to you?

Dyke looks like whoever self-defines that way. For me personally, it is femme – furiously angry and relentlessly sparkly, with eyebrows and politics both carefully considered.



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