Sooo much is happening about What Dyke Looks Like: Russia

We’re more than halfway through week one of our kickstarter campaign to take What Dyke Looks Like to Russia and we’re already 17% funded! Which is amazing considering that crowdfunding feels a lot like being six and asking the whole class to come to your birthday party, then spending the next two weeks imagining just you, the cake and a horrible clown as the only attendees (his name was bingo and no, I don’t want to talk about it).

AND it’s that cake with that boozy tasty layer of strawberry scum in it for some reason.

But I digress. This week has been a series of emotional ups and downs; between making sure we execute properly on this whole “social media” thing, to getting surprise support from people who’ve never even met you or maybe only once, to having a friend you haven’t seen since you were 19 offer to act FOR FREE as a consultant on crowd funding. Cause y’know, that’s what she does for a living, nbd. Sidenote: I imagine our campaign will get a lot more polished and refined in the next few days once we’ve got her onboarded.

We’ve also been busy sending Mary-Claire all around town collecting donations for door prizes/raffle goodies for our actual event on December 5th at The Flying Beaver Pubaret in downtown Toronto. In addition to gopher duties MC has been on plotting with me on these endeavours for months now, organizing me, and generally calming me down when I decide it’s doomed, DOOMED I TELLS YA! See above birthday party fears. This in no way is all of the people that have been helping advise, support and spread the word for me and I’ll continue to give them thanks in additional posts as the kickstarter campaign continues.



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