We did a thing and (many of ) you came!

Unfortunately this blog is not kept even reasonably up to date on the What Dyke Looks Like happenings.

It’s been awhile since I returned from Russia and as I’ve been slogging through all the photos and amazing video interviews, I’ve been updating facebook mostly; because I like the instant gratification and praise I get from that platform. Afterall, something’s gotta feed my ego and the hot dogs and tang I’ve been eating during my edit sessions aren’t doing it.


Last Friday we put on a “Russian Show and Tell” at The Flying Beaver Pubaret in downtown Toronto, it was hosted by the wonderful Mary-Claire Wales, who if you don’t know is the organizational behind the scenes maker of things happen of What Dyke Looks Like. She helped manage the Russia project right from the get go handling kickstarter, social media, PR and generally reeling me back in when I got out of control.


KB: “Screw kissing booth, we should have a FISTING booth!”

MC: “That’s an interesting idea, maybe we’ll table that for now..”

MC interviewed me about my experiences working with the LGBTQ community in Russia, we showed some video interview clips, a photo slideshow and did an audience Q&A. Thanks to Maggie Cassella for donating the space to us. Masha (My Russian MC) read an amazing video letter to the audience that I’ll post later if she’s OK with it.

It was amazing to be able to share the project and experiences with the community that helped make it happen.


Kristy Boyce artist talk

Kristy Boyce artist talk



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