Calling All Kings!

With a topic like “What Dyke Looks Like” there are so many different demographics and lifestyles to cover in order to get anywhere near some semblance of an accurate representation. And I guess that’s always been the point anyway, you can’t define queer women within easily established borders and boundaries.

As we start to look at  when to call the project (or at least this phase of it, what dyke looks like Dubai anyone?) done, and focus on the publishing end of the book, we’ve had to start breaking things down into sections and demographics. (How many women over 50 do we have? What about different physical abilities?) Which feels ironically a lot like the “putting in boxes” etc, that this project rallies against. But it does give us a handle on who’s participated so far and who we’re missing.

SO, I’m going to start posting call outs on the blog and facebook intentionally seeking certain types of people. Obviously everyone who identifies with the project is welcome to still apply, but we will be prioritizing those we’re lacking. This could mean a call out for seniors, women with really unique jobs, women of a certain descent, etc. The project will never be anywhere near what we can call complete until it’s as inclusive as humanly possible.

Today’s call out is a fun one:

Drag Kings!

I’ve been thinking I’d like to do a “kings” series, as a genre within the wdll project but that could also be shown as a stand alone series. Portraits of 20 drag kings lit and shot in a similar style to the attached images 2 of the 3 are mine and one is by Jill Greenberg, I’ll let you guess which ones..

The styling of each king is very important, they may have a character and clothes they already do, or we may style them specifically for the shoot.

The theme of the shoots is classic male archetypes Examples: geek sheek barber shop dapper old england king greaser elvis cowboy hip hop artist/rapper professor and so on…

Participants will get a free wdll shoot, watermarked (wdll logo) web copies for personal online use (facebook profiles etc) in addition to being featured in the What Dyke Looks Like project and website. As with every participant, standard model releases will need to be signed before each shoot. There will be an option to purchase/license additional photos for professional/commercial/promotional use.

First shoot to take place in Toronto, Canada.

Interested? Please email with the following:

Name: Real and Stage



# Years performing:

Tell me about any characters, etc you perform:

What clothes/props do you have access to?:

Any fun ideas you’d like to add:


dosh_by_Kristy_Boyce dosh_by_Kristy_Boycearnold by Jill Greenberg





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