Toronto’s Dapper Drag Kings

There are so many facets to what “dyke” looks like, and we’ve had the pleasure of documenting some of the handsomest last spring in our Toronto studio. This was a collaborative project where we worked with each king to show each of their unique personas. The plan was to create images with a bit of a painterly look like kings of yore.




Cameron as The Mad Hatter


Sebastian. Has been performing for 7 years.


Tucker Gentlee. The kind of cop a you wouldn’t mind getting cuffed by. Years performing: 2


Nate. I’m usually on a sexy tip.. a crowd pleaser. I like to incorporate dance into some performances.. lots of r&b.. i generally take songs and perform the story I’ve taken from listening to them so its never someone just lip syncing i always want to bring some individual style and realness to the performance to leave people with a unique experience..



Maddox. Look/style: Urban/Hiphop/Gentleman I mainly perform based off hip hop influence, anything along the lines of rapping, reggae, and r&b. Funk has been very new to my character that has been entertaining as of recent as well.


Cameron. I perform all sorts of numbers, I have performed in a weekly drag show for 10 years now



Flare doing a killer J.F.K


J.J. loves to dance. Performances are filled with hip trusts and body rolls, with music on the dirty side, a lot of rap. He uses his dance moves to make up for the cute little boy-like appearance. He is shy but loves to entertain.


Spencer. I’ve played Robert bar argon, Tyrion Lanister, a beach kid, a cast away, a greaser and a macho man. On stage I’m typically getting my heart broken or falling in love. Boyish charm and a little femme added in.


Trevor Wood. Look/style: 80s (greaser, footloose wardrobe), dapper barbershop gentleman, rockabilly, hipster lite (not full fledged Queen West Hipster, more… rustic) # Years performing: 3.5 years



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