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Professional freelance photographer, designer, and drifter.

What Dyke Looks Like from behind….the scenes that is.








Some images from the lovely and talented Ruth Less who acted as our second photographer, assistant, coordinator and head chef the day of the London Shoot.





Alicia: from Trini with love..

What Dyke Looks Like to her:

“A range of things, I know the mainstream concepts and it amuses me at
times that rarely would folks recognize that I am queer at least until I got
my hair cut. I struggle at times with being labeled a femme when I like to
sometime dress butch as well, I don’t do well with fitting into a box.”


Full Gallery:

Alicia WDLL London – Images by Ibis Photography


A look at a few of our project promo pieces.


Some images from our recent London shoot…

Lovely London Ladies-The first London WDLL Photo Shoot

The first portion of the WDLL project to take place in London Ontario took place a few weeks ago with a great turn out!
A special thanks goes out to Ehron, Ruth Less, and Lavender for all of their help coordinating people and locations.

And to the Dykes on Bikes, thank you so much for your patience with our many requests to move your harley’s “just a little to the”

Welcome to What Dyke Looks Like!

This is the official web site for the What Dyke Looks Like project.
Feel free to have a look around, check out some images of hot babes, post lesbian events in your area, and don’t forget to contact us to participate in the project.

Toronto Dykes Phase One

Here are a few images from one of our Toronto shoots, a special thanks goes out to Ashleigh for letting my put my fingers up her butt repeatedly to get the fabric “just right.”