Buy Your CD

Get a copy of your WDLL photography session on CD



You had an awesome time with Kristy and you’d like some copies of the photos? Get the cd!

Usually professional photography sessions run $300 plus just for the actual sitting fee (time to take the photos) then people have to negotiate licensing files, buying prints, some images on cd, etc.

Since wdll project does free photo sessions for queer identified women (not only free but you can have your choice of 1 8×10 or digital file* from your session) we’ve decided to offer a high res cd copy to participants as a l’il fundraiser to keep the project going.


  • You just got your hair did, your photos did, get some copies of ’em!
  • What Dyke Looks Like is funded by Kristy, donations from project supporters and now participants have the options to buy their full session. Projects dedicated to queer female visibility are few and far between, wdll is helping to give queer women a face and voice on our culture.
  • It’s good queer karma. In fact  research shows people that buy cds or donate to the project are 10-25%* more likely to get laid.

* % you’ll get laid will vary by country and state. * digital files are for personal use only, not for resale or reprint. Think facebook profile pic, rather than your new book jacket photo.



You can order full high resolution copy of your session for $250, that’s at least $50 less than a basic headshot fee! If you’ve had your session done at the same time as your partner you can have both sets of pictures on one disc for the same price.

Note: You get a personal license to print, put on facebook, your holiday cards etc. This does not grant you the right to resell, publish or  reproduce for commercial purposes. If there’s a specific shot of you let’s say looking hot in your underoos that CK wants to put on a billboard,blog or magazine have them contact wdll directly for licensing.  For any individual image licensing concerns just contact Kristy or the project directly.


Sliding scale

Really can’t afford the $250? Maybe only had a quick session with a few shots due to pms or hurricane season?

In an effort to make photography accessible, a sliding scale rate for the cd is available. Please contact us directly to work something out.


What proceeds are used for:

  • Travel expenses. WDLL’s aim is to get the most diverse range of women involved as possible, which means a lot of travel to different cities in North America.
  • Equipment and printing costs.
  • Promotional materials and PR
  • General admin fees, domain registration, etc.
  • Hummus



Want to order a cd or just support the project?


Click below, then enter the cd amount in the $ box, in the notes section please be sure to write cd and clearly identify yourself and when you had your photos done. If you’re just making a donation you can type any amount of funds in the $ box and don’t have to to leave us a note. But it’s always good to hear from you!