The Project

What images come to mind when john q public pictures a lesbian? Burly girls resplendent in plaid from head to toe?
The L word gang in their completely realistic interpretation of gay life? Someone who just hasn’t been fortunate enough to receive a “good deep dickin?”
We are from all walks of life, class and creed, we come in every shape and form, and though we love box, we should not be defined in one.

“What Dyke Looks Like” is a portrait anthology of gay, queer, lgbtqxyz etc, identified women illustrating the reality and sometimes surreality of today’s gay lady.

Each participant is encouraged to present their idea of what “dyke looks like” to/for them. Kristy Boyce (Photographer/Project Creator) will sit down via email or in person with each woman and design their own unique portrait.
Concepts can range from the simple: “What dyke looks like me!” to the abstract: ” I don’t identify with most of the mainstream concepts of what a gay woman is, so I feel like a fish out of water.” And Kristy will come up with a way to illustrate that.

WDLL will show online at, will publish as a hardcover photo book and prints will  be shown in  various galleries.

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